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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez top 10 Stupid Comments

Question Mark Question Hands Phone  - chenspec / Pixabay

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have a lot of smart things to say, but even she managed to slip up a few times. It happens to the best of us. Only hers will be forever imprinted in the collective consciousness of the Internet. Here are 10 most stupid things she has said so far. We look forward to hearing more in the future.

We need to invent technology that has never even been invented yet.

Well, that’s the point of inventing, no?

To me, what socialism means is to guarantee a basic level of dignity.

This may be true if we turn a blind eye to what really happened in countries that faced socialism.

Under capitalism, man oppresses man. Under socialism, it’s the other way around.

Sometimes, things just don’t make sense. Such as this statement.

If people were actually concerned about undocumented people, the clear solution would be to offer documentation. It’s safer and secure for everyone.

The easiest solution is always the one that is most clear. Just document these people, right? Well, if things were really that easy, we’d all be living in Dreamland.

Yellow cab drivers are in financial ruin due to the unregulated expansion of Uber.

Ocasio-Cortez has apparently spent about $4,000 on Uber rides from April to June. Ironic really.

I see people rushing out to fill up their cars for this hurricane at the gas station. This wouldn’t be an issue if they had electric cars. If the power is out for a week, how are they going to get gas? We need to start planning ahead and moving forward.

What would Tesla say to this? We wonder.

I don’t think most of Congress understands how economics works.

It’s never a good idea to undermine the people you work with. Even if what you say is true, and it’s not.

And it was literally easier for me to become the youngest woman in American history elected to Congress than it is to pay off my student loan debt.

Now, we understand the need for exaggeration, but she blew this one out of proportion.

We say, ‘Oh, unemployment is low. Everything is fine, right?’ Well, unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs.”

She needs to check her facts on this one.

I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.

This is a clear cut example at how wordiness creates even more confusion, and makes someone sound even more ignorant than they are. We understand the message here. Only, we disagree. One just can’t fight facts, even if the facts are morally wrong.