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10 Funniest Quotes from Mini AOC

Emoji Emoticon Smiley Isolated  - sergeitokmakov / Pixabay

Ah, Mini AOC. we’ve all seen her. We’ve all heard about her. We’ve all scoured Youtube to find her witty comments. And, it’s been worth it. She’s been delighting us with amusing content regarding the current political state of affairs. And, to celebrate her miniature genius, here are top ten funniest things said by mini AOC.

  1. Like we can totally use that money for my new green deal. Instead of guns, we’ll give the police solar powered teasers. We’ll ask criminals to work only daylight hours. Like we’ll only pay the police that protects me.
  2. Like, I wanna thank all the rioters for wearing masks while looting. We still need social distancing and stay six feet apart to avoid infection. Just like CNN does with the truth.
  3. So, I was talking and Riley was listening. He asked me why I endorse Bernie Sanders when I’m anti-Semitic. I told him this is because Bernie and I hae the same bedtime. Also, I’m not anti-Semitic. I’m Pro-anti-Semitic.
  4. I wanna talk about like climate change. Because like, there’s no doubt that cow farts are making the climate change.
  5. We want Medicare for all. Medicare is short for mediocre care. Did you know that? Socialized medicine will guarantee all Americans easy access to Flinststones vitamins and tic-tacs.
  6. It’s so important to protect the CIA whistleblower for 3 reasons. One, because CIA spelled backwards is AOC. Beep. My mom says it’s not nice to be tattle-tale so now I’ll just tell he I’m a whistleblower. And four, we can’t let President Trump drain the swamp because that’s where Hillary hides his bodies.
  7. Hi, AOC here. And I’m like gonna talk about like the three branches of the US government, which are the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.
  8. He cares for the American people like the guards care for Jeffrey Epstein.
  9. Be thankful for America, the only place where there are more genders than political parties.
  10. Be thankful for Democrats. If Democrats have to be two-faced, why can’t one of the faces be attractive?